What Is The Difference Between GMT and UTC?

Mostly, Both Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) terms are used for timekeping and international coordinations. But both terms are very confusing. In addition, GMT is a time zone. On the other hand, UTC is time standard. But still, both terms shares the same times except few things. In this blog post, we will deeply take a look about differnece between GMT and UTC.

Few Details About Difference Between GMT And UTC

Here is the basic concept and differnece between UTC and GMT mentioned below. Have a look at that:


Although, Greenwich Time is a time zone. Still, it is is being used in African and European countrice from years. Moreover, GMT uses both time formats to display time such as 24:00 hrs (0 to 24) and 12:00 hrs time format (1 to 12 (AM/PM)). Due to earth’s inrregular response and rotation, GMT is being considered as outdated now a days.

Moreover, there are some important point that you should know about GMT. Here are some:

  1. Earth Rotation: GMT always based on the postition of the sun. Also, in Greewich, England, GMT based on the solar time Prime Meridian (0° longitude).
  2. Historical Importance: In 1960s, before the coordinated universal time, GMT was the only mean for a time reference.
  3. Leap Seconds: Without a doubt, GMT is less precise than coordinated universal time. Because, just beacue of earth’s rotation, GMT dosen’t account for leap seconds. Moreover, UTC accounts for leap seconds and this thing makes UTC more precise and accurate.


Coordinated universal time also known as “UTC” was introduce to provide the more precise timekeeping record. Also, the basic purpose of the UTC was to provide more powerful system against GMT. For now, UTC is a standard timekeepping system that has been adopted by the world.

Some key points about UTC are givem below:

  1. Based On: UTC based on an atomic clock based system. These atomic clocks are highly accurate that are located in the differnect locations of the world. Moreover, the data is collected from the different international observatories to provide the most accurate time.
  2. Leap Seconds: UTC adjusts time by adding and removing 0.9 seconds according to the solar time. It hepls UTC to sync with earth spins.
  3. Global Reference: Moreover, UTC is used as a worldwide reference for multiple purposes such as scientific research, aviations, telecommunications, international meetings, and so on.
  4. Geographical Link: UTC has no geographical tendancy like GMT. GMT is linked to Greewich, London. But UTC is a standard neutral time of the world.

Final Words

We have discussed above the difference between GMT and UTC in more details. GMT is a location specified time zone which is used in Greewich, London. It was introduced in 1960s by the ancients. Also, GMT based on the solar time prime meridians. On the other hand, UTC is a universal time that is being used around the globe. Moreover, UTC based on the atomic clocks that are placed internationally, It provides the more accurate time than the GMT.

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