List Of UTC Time Zone Countries

Coordinated Universal Time usually known as “UTC”: Many countries in the world use UTC as their time zone or standard time. Here is the list of UTC time zone countries mentioned below:

UTC Time Zone Countries

1 – UK: During the BST (British Summer Time), the United Kingdom including London uses coordinated universal time (UTC). Also, they forward their clock one hour in advance.

2 – Ghana: It observes UTC year-round.

3 – Iceland: Throughout the year, Iceland follows UTC.

4 – Gambia: Gambia, which is located in West Africa always uses UTC as their standard time.

5 – Portugal: Portugal is a European country. During the winter, they use UTC. During the summer days, they use WEST (Western European Summer Time) as a standard time.

6 – Senegal: It also follows a UTC year-round.

7 – Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso is a Western African country. It follows the UTC time zone.

8 – Cote d’Ivoire: Cote d’Ivoire also known as lvory Coasts also dependant on UTC.

9 – Mali: Also, it follows UTC year-round.

10 – Liberia: Liberia also exists in the UTC time zone.

11 – Morocco: During the winter months, Morocco follows the UTC. Moreover, during the summer days, they follow Western European Summer Time (WEST). Also, they move their clocks one hour forward.

12 – Guinea: It uses a UTC year-round.

13 – Western Sahara: Unlike Morocco, Western Sahara also uses the same time standard.

14 – Sierra Leon: Throughout the year, Sierra Leon also uses UTC.

15 – Senegal: It operates on UTC year-round.

List of UTC Time Zone Countries Grouped By UTC Offset

First of all, Let’s discuss some important points regarding the UTC time zone:

  • Practically, UTC is the same as GMT.
  • On the other hand, the UTC time set is basically the difference between UTC time and the location’s taken or observed time.
  • There are around 38 UTC offset observed countries in the world.
  • On this page, minor and unofficial time zones are not included.
Country NameUTC OffsetCountry With Multiple Time Zones/IdentifierRegions With Multiple Time Zones
US Outlying IslandsUTC-12It has 4 time zones for the capital Itascatown Pre-WW2No
American SamoaUTC-11Uses U.S Outlying IslandsNo
NiueUTC-11Uses U.S Outlying IslandsNo
Cook IslandsUTC-10French Polynesia, Uses U.S Outlying Islands, United StatesNo
French PolynesiaUTC-9:30It uses 3 different time zones for the capital PapeeteNo
Pitcairn IslandsUTC-8Pacific/PitcairnAlaska
CanadaUTC-7Canada uses 6 time zonesBritish Columbia
MexicoUTC-7It has 4 time zonesNo
United StatesUTC-7It has 11 time zonesNevada, Oregon
CanadaUTC-6N/ANunavut, Saskatchewan
Costa RicaUTC-6NoNo
EcuadorUTC-6It uses 2 time zonesNo
MexicoUTC-6It uses 4 Time zonesNo
Cayman IslandsUTC-5America/CaymanNo
IllinoisUTC-5America/Chicago (DST)Kansas
MissouriUTC-5America/Chicago (DST)Nebraska, North Dakota
AnguillaUTC-4Atlantic Standard TimeNo
Antigua and BarbudaUTC-4Atlantic Standard Time (AST)No
ArubaUTC-4Atlantic Standard TimeNo
BarbadosUTC-4Atlantic Standard TimeNo
Haiti, BahamasUTC-4Eastern Time (ET)No
CubaUTC-4Cuba Daylight Time (CDT)No
ArgentinaUTC-3Argentina Tim (AT)No
BermudaUTC-3Atlantic Time (AT)No
CanadaUTC-2:302 Time ZonesNewfoundland and Labrador
Saint Pierre and MiquelonUTC-2Saint Pierre and Miquelon Time (PMST/PMDT)No

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