What Is UTC? How Do I Figure Out Which Time Zone I’m In?

As we have discussed earlier what is UTC? Let’s have a recap of UTC.  It is known as Universal coordinated time. In addition, UTC is adopted globally as a standard time. It lets us coordinate with people living in different regions, states, or countries. Also, using UTC, we can communicate with each other, set meetings, reserve hotels and tickets, see the current time of a different location, and do on. In this blog, we will dive deeper into What is UTC and how do I figure out which time zone I’m in.

How is UTC represented?

Without a doubt, UTC is represented as a 24 hoursformat. Also, in the military and aviation context, UTC is referred to as “Zulu time“.  It uses a time format like “HH:mm:ss” or “Hours:minutes:seconds“. For example, 11:59:00. In this example, UTC represents 11 hours, 59 minutes, and 00 seconds.

How do I figure out which time zone I’m in?

To set meetings and synchronization, knowing your current time zone is necessary. To determine what time zone you are in, follow the steps mentioned below:

Using Online Tools or Apps:

To check which time zone you are in, you can use some online tools like convert UTC to EST online. You have to go to Google or Bing and search for an online time zone checker. Their tool will check your current location and will let you.

Configure & Chech Your Digital Devices

Many smart & digital devices such as laptops, PCs, mobile phones, and tablet PCs, can check your current location. In addition, these devices check for the current location of devices and then display the local time zone. In short, you have to verify the settings of a device. Allow your device to detect the current location using GPS.

See Time Zone Maps

In this method, you have to see your location in a particular time zone. Usually, a Time zone map represents the time zone division across the world. Simply, you have to look for your location and then manually identify in which time zone you are now. Make sure to verify some factors such as Daylight Saving Time (DST) and borders.

Consider Daylight Saving Time (DTS)

Without a doubt, time zones are represented by the three characters as an abbreviation. Such as EST, UTC, GMT, and so on. If you know these abbreviations, you will find your current time zone very easily.

Know Time Zone Abbreviations

In daylight saving time, some regions, states, or some particular locations adjust their time 1 hour forward or back against a specific period. Make sure the time adjustments in such locations.


How Can I Find Which Time Zone I Am In?

You can find your current time zone using various methods such as some online tools and apps, using your device to detect your current location and local time zone, time zone maps, and knowing time zone abbreviations. All these methods are free to use. In addition, only using tools and device-based tracking is automated. All other methods are manual.

Why Is UTC Referred To As “Zulu Time”?

UTC zone is known as “Zulu Time” in the military and aviation context. It helps them to communicate and avoid confusion as well. For global coordination, Zulu time ensures a common reference point

Can We Change Time Zones? Are They Fixed?

Of course, these time zones are pre-defined and fixed. But in some regions, it can be changed due to Daylight Saving Time. In daylight saving time, the time is adjusted forward or backward for a specific period of duration.

Final Words

For better communication and understanding, knowing your time zone is essential. Furthermore, you can identify in which time zone you are now through mobile phones, laptops/PCs, tablet PCs, time zone maps, and online tools.  For accurate timekeeping, you have to be aware of daylight saving time.

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