In the digital world where people are connected globally, time zones play a crucial role for us. Across different regions, it also plays an important role in coordinating activities. In addition, there are multiple time zones all over the world. Also, there are two most two important time zones known as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and EST (Eastern Standard Time) as well. For navigating worldwide collaborations, events, tourism or traveling arrangements, or communications, conversion between UTC To EST is also important. In this guide, we will take a deeper look at UTC To EST, how to convert a specific time zone to another one, and the differences.


UTC To EST Converter



What is UTC?

UTC is also known as Coordinated Universal Time. It is a worldwide standard time. In addition, UTC is specially designed to keep maintained timekeeping consistent. Also, the UTC is made using a highly accurate clock which is known as an atomic clock. That’s why UTC is always correct. Furthermore, When we switch between daylight saving, UTC never changes. Usually, this time zone is used by people who live in different parts of the world to just make sure that they all have the same time. Also, it is used to check what time is it right now in a particular part of the world. It let them communicate, travel, or share their ideas and thoughts at the same time.

What is EST?

While on the other hand, EST is known as the Eastern Standard Time. EST is one of the time zones that is used in North America. For daylight saving, when we do not change our clock during most years, EST is around five (5) hours behind the UTC (UTC-5:00). In addition to EST time zone, it is used by the most popular cities like Miami, Toronto, and New York (NYC). In the Eastern parts of the United States (USA) and Canada, EST is used as a reference time by businesses, cultural events, and financial markets as well.

What is Converting UTC To EST?

UTC To EST conversion always requires 5 (five) hours subtracting from the given Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). It means, for example, if the current time of UTC is around 11:00 AM, the current EST time would be 6:00 AM. Also, It is important to make sure daylight saving time adjustments. daylight time can also affect the difference between two different time zones. Moreover, while we change our clocks according to daylight saving time, we actually use a different time known as EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) instead of EST.

That means the major difference between Eastern Daylight Time and the UTC (big clock) is 4 hours (UTC -4:00). On the 2nd Sunday of March and in the spring, we only start using EDT. Rest of the fall, on the 1st Sunday of November, we only use EST. Also, there are multiple online UTC To EST converters available on the internet. We recommend you use our accurate time zone converter online tool “UTC into EST” for free.

How To Convert UTC To EST (Eastern Time)?

To convert any specific UTC time to EST, follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below:

  1. Go to the “UTC To EST Time Converter” timer boxes.
  2. Enter UTC time (Hours) in the first text box.
  3. In the second box, type “Minutes”.
  4. Now click on the “Convert” button.
  5. You will have the converted “EST” time below.


What is the difference between UTC and EST time zone?

UTC is known as the Coordinated Universal Time and it is a global time standard. For worldwide timekeeping, UTC is used as reference time. While on the other hand, EST is known as the Eastern Standard Time. Usually, EST is used in areas of North America and Canada.

How can I convert UTC to EST?

It is easy to convert Coordinated Universal Time to Eastern Standard Time. Simply, subtract 5 (five) hours from the current UTC time. For example, If there is 11:00 AM UTC, It would be 6:00 AM EST.

What is EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)?

EDT is known as Eastern Daylight Time. In the eastern region of North America, The time EDT is observed during daylight time. During daylight saving time, The difference between EDT and UTC is 4 (four) hours (UTC -4:00).

When does daylight saving time start and end?

Usually, In the spring season, daylight saving time starts. In addition, It starts on the 2nd Sunday of March and ends on the 1st Sunday of November (in the fall). For different regions, these mentioned dates may differ.

Is UTC the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)?

Although, UTC and GMT time zones are the same but not exactly.  Both UTC and GMT are time standards that are being used globally. But the UTC is most accurate and accordingly. Also, UTC considers how the earth rotates/spins and also about its small changes as well.

Are there other time zones similar to EST?

Of course, there are multiple time zones similar to EST such as Central Standard Time (CST) and Mountain Standard Time (MST) that are also being used in the different regions in North America.

How can UTC and EST conversions benefit me?

Its conversion can be very beneficial for us. In addition, for coordinating and communications activities, traveling arrangements, air reservations, hotel & room reservations, UTC to EST conversions can also be very beneficial especially when you belong to a different time zone.